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       I have been a public-school teacher for the past 20 years and have always struggled to find toys, posters, decorations for my classroom that reflect the multicultural, diverse classrooms that I teach in. I am currently an ESL teacher and recognize how important it is for my students from all over the world to have representation in everything.

       We decided to start small and create what we could not find in stores.  Tabitha’s Doll was created for all people, mothers, teachers, children, anyone who appreciates and values the importance of representation. We are creating dolls that show all children that all shades are beautiful. Many of the brown dolls on the market are not attractive and we know all little girls and boys want a beautiful doll to play with. Our dolls are beautiful! 

          I started making them on the sewing machine that I found in a thrift store and quickly recognized that teaching full-time and sewing part-time would not work. I designed the dolls and after a year found a high-quality partner to manufacture them. I can ensure that the dolls are made with high-quality materials, made from my designs, and are something that you will love.


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